Fact sheet: Mothercraft nurses ineligible for Board-approved medication units

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All persons who practice in the area of mothercraft nursing (mothercraft nurses) including Division 5 nurses in Victoria who transitioned to the National Scheme as an enrolled nurse have a condition limiting their practice to mothercraft nursing only.

Enrolled nurses with the condition ‘May practise only in the area of mothercraft nursing’ also have the notation ‘Does not hold a Board approved qualification in medication administration’, and are not eligible to have the notation removed.

Mothercraft nurses are also not eligible for enrolment into the following Board-approved medicine administration units of study:

  • Analyse health information HLTAP501C, (previously identified as HLTAP501A or HLTAP501B), and 
  • Administer and monitor medications in the work environment HLTEN507C (previously identified as HLTEN507A and HLTEN507B)

For more information, see the Enrolled nurses and medicine administration page.

Background information

Prior to 1 July 2010, the New South Wales (NSW), Victorian (VIC) and Tasmanian (TAS) legislation enabled registration of mothercraft nurses, albeit with these discrepancies:

  • VIC - mothercraft nurses registered in Division 5 of the register that was specific to mothercraft nurses only 
  • NSW - registration was on a list specifically for mothercraft nurses 
  • TAS - registration was with a condition that they practised mothercraft nursing only.

In July 2010, upon commencement of the National scheme, all mothercraft nurses transitioned into general registration as an Enrolled Nurse with the condition ‘May practise only in the area of mothercraft nursing’.

More information on Board-approved programs of study is available under Accreditation.

For more information

1The National Registration and Accreditation Scheme.

Page reviewed 3/10/2018