NMBA thanks midwives on International Day of the Midwife

05 May 2018

Today is International Day of the Midwife and the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) has thanked the midwives of Australia for their contribution to safe and quality midwifery care.

The International Day of the Midwife is held on 5 May each year and this year’s theme is ‘Midwives leading the way with quality care.’

‘The NMBA is pleased to release the new Midwife standards for practice in time for the International Day of the Midwife,’ NMBA Chair Associate Professor Lynette Cusack said.

‘Midwives in Australia can be proud of their profession’s commitment to safe and quality care for women and their babies, and these evidence-based standards will help to meet that commitment.’

Associate Professor Cusack said that the NMBA was pleased to offer further support for midwives over the past year.

‘Last year we launched an independent health service specifically for midwives and nurses,’ Associate Professor Cusack said.

Nurse & Midwife Support gives midwives a confidential place to have a chat and find the right referral for their health issues. It helps midwives to find support to care for themselves, so they can continue caring for women.’

Nurse & Midwife Support is an independent service which can be reached 24 hours a day on 1800 667 877.

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