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International application resources

There are several important documents for internationally qualified nurses and midwives to use as part of the application or to refer to for information.

Information on expired CORS/COGS and ICHCs can be found on the Common Forms webpage. The declaration form for expired CORS/COGS and ICHCs can be found on the same webpage.

For those nurses and midwives who are required to complete a period of supervised practice the NMBA has published templates and resources to assist.

Bridging programs are only available to international applicants who posted their application for registration to Ahpra on or before 21 February 2020 and received a letter of referral to a bridging program from the Board after their application had been assessed and a decision was made. The answers to some frequently asked questions, including how to reapply for registration after successful completion of a bridging program, can be found in the following fact sheet:

Under the National Law you generally have the right to appeal the NMBA’s decision to your responsible Tribunal. Information about the responsible Tribunals in each state and territory can be found in the following fact sheet:

Page reviewed 8/04/2024