Enrolled to Registered Nurse or Midwife Applications

Enrolled nurse applying for registration as a registered nurse and/or midwife

If you are currently registered as an enrolled nurse and are due to complete or have completed an Australian approved program of study that will qualify you for registration as a registered nurse or midwife, you can apply for registration online via our Online Services portal. You will need your User ID to log in.

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Registered nurse applying for registration as a midwife

The online service is not yet available for a registered nurse wishing to apply for registration as a midwife. To apply, complete the paper form AGEN-40 and send it into AHPRA along with the supporting documentation, as instructed on the form.

AGEN-40 can be downloaded from the forms page.

Note: If you are a (currently registered) registered nurse applying for registration as a midwife, and you have never practised previously as a midwife, you are not required to provide a work history as part of your application. You are also not required to provide proof of your English language skills as you have met this requirement in your registration as a registered nurse.

Concurrent registration - registered as both a registered nurse and an enrolled nurse

You can hold concurrent registration as an enrolled nurse and a registered nurse (see the factsheet for more information). If you want to give up (cease) your registration as an enrolled nurse, midwife or registered nurse, complete the form (NSUR-40). Please note: Your registration will cease when the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia receives your request, unless you specify in the form the date from which you want your registration to end. No refunds apply.

Page reviewed 1/08/2018