Current Consultations

The National Board undertakes wide-ranging consultation on proposals that affect the nursing and midwifery professions.

Where there are consultations open for input, they will be shown below.

Where there are consultations which have closed, they will be shown under Past Consultations along with the submissions that were received.

Proposed Decision-making framework for nurses and midwives

The NMBA is consulting on the proposed Decision-making framework for nurses and midwives (DMF).

The proposed DMF provides a guide to decision-making relating to scope of practice and delegation. It promotes consistent safe, person-centred and evidence-based decision-making across the nursing and midwifery professions.

The DMF was developed from an evidence-based review of the current National framework for the development of decision-making tools for nursing and midwifery practice (the national framework).

Changes to the national framework in the proposed DMF include:

  • clearer, simpler content
  • strengthening the involvement of the person receiving care in the decision-making, and
  • providing clearer guidance for registered nurses and midwives on delegating to enrolled nurses and other health workers.

Background information

Have your say

To have your say, please read the background information and complete the online survey.

If you can't complete the online survey, you can provide written responses to the survey questions (provided in the public consultation paper) to

The consultation closes on Monday 17 June 2019.

Privacy notice

The survey is conducted by the NMBA and is hosted on a third-party website, provided by SurveyMonkey. The information collected through the survey will be used by the NMBA to assess stakeholder views on the proposed Decision-making framework for nurses and midwives. This is an anonymous survey, and you should ensure that you do not include any personal information about yourself or other people in your responses. The information will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Policies of AHPRA accessible here and SurveyMonkey here.

National Scheme consultation on a baseline definition of cultural safety

The National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (the National Scheme) is consulting on a national baseline definition of cultural safety.

The consultation is a partnership between the National Scheme Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Strategy Group (the Strategy Group) and the National Health Leadership Forum. There are more than 40 entities represented in this consultation, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health experts, National Boards, AHPRA and Accreditation Authorities.

How the definition will be used

The definition will be used in the context of the National Scheme and by members of the National Health Leadership Forum (membership detailed in the consultation paper). The definition will provide a consistent baseline definition and is not intended to ‘roll back’ any existing definitions. It may be used for future Codes of conduct and/or registration standards and guidelines by other National Boards and is not retrospective.

The NMBA supports and participates in the important work of the Strategy Group to embed cultural safety across the National Scheme and supports the consultation on a baseline definition as a vital foundation for this work.

The NMBA will maintain its own definition of cultural safety, which was developed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nurses and midwives, as the most appropriate and helpful definition for nurses and midwives in their practice.

You are invited to provide feedback

The NMBA invites feedback to the consultation, to ensure that nurses and midwives are involved in shaping the baseline definition for the National Scheme.

To view the draft definition and consultation paper and have your say, please view the consultation page on the AHPRA website and complete the online survey before close of business Wednesday 15 May 2019.

How your submission is treated

The NMBA publishes submissions on its website to encourage discussion and inform the community and stakeholders. However, the NMBA will not publish on its website, or make available to the public, submissions that contain offensive or defamatory comments or which are outside the scope of the consultation.

Before publication, the NMBA may remove personally-identifying information from submissions, including contact details. The views expressed in the submissions are those of the individuals or organisations who submit them and their publication does not imply any acceptance of, or agreement with, these views by the NMBA.

The NMBA also accepts submissions made in confidence. These submissions will not be published on the website or elsewhere. Submissions may be confidential because they include personal experiences or other sensitive information. Any request for access to a confidential submission will be determined in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth), which has provisions designed to protect personal information and information given in confidence.

Please let the NMBA know if you do not want your submission published, or want all or part of it treated as confidential.

The Boards publish submissions received on their websites to encourage discussion and inform the community and stakeholders, unless requested otherwise. There may be circumstances under which submissions may not be published. Please refer to the consultation paper for details of how submissions will be treated. Submissions received in response to a consultation are published under Past Consultations.

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